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What are the Warning Signs of a Transmission Failure and the Cost for Repair or Replacement

Taking good care of your car means you should be aware of any potential transmission problems. Heeding the warning signs of needed transmission repairs before they become larger issues will protect your transportation budget from a more expensive transmission replacement cost. Below are some common transmission warning signs you should address before it’s too late.

5 Top Transmission Failure Signs to Keep in the Back of Your Mind
Transmission failure doesn’t usually happen without warning. Be aware of the warning signs of imminent transmission problems if you want to keep your transmission in top shape. Below are important warning signs you should look out for before your transmission fails completely.

1. Smelling Something Hot or Burning
Your transmission needs fluid to run smoothly, just like your car engine needs oil. Smelling something hot or a burning smell is a sure warning sign that something is overheating. Your transmission could be overheating because of a lack of fluids to lubricate and decrease the friction caused when operating. Take your car in as soon as possible to protect the life of your transmission and save you money on expensive repairs as it may only require a simple fluid change at this point.

2. Strange Sounds & Noises
When something does not sound right, it probably isn’t. A transmission has many moving parts that will make different noises when something is off kilter.  Strange sounds coming from a transmission are most always categorized by clunking, whining, buzzing, and humming sounds. Manual transmissions typically make loud mechanical noises while automatic transmissions tend to make whining, humming and buzzing noises. Don’t ignore these strange sounds. Describe the strange noises to a knowledgeable mechanic to give him or her a good starting place to diagnose your transmission problems.

3. Excessive Noise
There are strange sounds and then there are excessive noises that will shout the need for imminent transmission repair. Grinding, shaking or jerking noises are definite warning signs of transmission trouble. If these excessive noises are not addressed, your car can begin to shake or tremble when you shift gears and will completely fail on you if not taken to an auto transmission repair shop soon.

4. Check Engine Light
Don’t ignore the check engine light when it comes on! The check engine light turns on when sensors detect irregularities with the different systems of your car. Transmission problems will make strange vibrations that will trigger the check engine light to light up and warn you before you can detect problems. The cost for transmission repair now will be much less than transmission replacement later because you did not ignore the check engine light when it first warned you.

5. Engine Hesitation While Shifting Gears (Slipping Gears)
When the transmission functions properly, the gear will slide into place easily when you shift. Engine hesitation, or slipping gears, is a sure sign something is wrong with the transmission. You could experience a delay when shifting from drive to park before the gear properly engages. Or you could have a delay of response when increasing your driving speed. Your expected rate of acceleration will not match how you have attempted to increase the speed. Make an appointment with a local transmission repair shop soon when experiencing the gears slipping in your vehicle.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair Or Replace Your Troubled Transmission?
Certainly, transmission repair costs and especially transmission replacement charges will depend on several factors. But just to give you a broad idea, the average cost to repair a transmission could cost you anywhere from $900 to $1,500.00 depending on what problems the transmission is presenting.
Transmission replacement will cost (generally speaking) anywhere from around 1,800 to $3,500.  And these prices widely fluctuate between transmission repair shops and technicians. The labor costs for transmission replacement alone can be $500 to$1,200.

Cost Factors
Compare transmission repair cost to transmission replacement costs, and you will appreciate knowing about the transmission failure warning signs to protect you from the higher expense of transmission replacement. There are several factors that will affect the price of your transmission repair.

1. Vehicle Make, Model and Year
The vehicle make, model and year will affect the price of your transmission repair. Import and older vehicles such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen will typically cost more to repair than a newer car made in the US, such as GM, Ford, and Chrysler. The more expensive models may have harder to find parts and will cost more in both parts and labor.

2. Manual vs. Automatic
Car owners with manual transmissions will generally pay less for transmission repair than those with automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions do not tend to have as many problems as automatic transmissions and may only need a clutch replaced.

Extent of Damage 
The transmission repair cost you encounter will depend on the extent of the damage incurred.  You could be sweating the prospect of high transmission repair bills and then be greatly relieved with the actual report of a lesser repair bill to fix a fluid leak costing as little as $200. When the front seal has a leak the repair price increases significantly.

The cost of a shift solenoid replacement can cost you anywhere from $150-$400 including parts and labor. Since most transmissions have two or more solenoids, the expense can quickly add up.

But what if the extent of transmission damage requires a transmission rebuild. Now you will really feel the sting of the ka-ching!  The cost of your transmission repair cost can shoot up as high as $2,500-$4,500. When transmission replacement is necessary, your costs could skyrocket to price ranges between $4,000 and $8,000.

Contact Your Local Conway Transmission Specialists 
As a locally owned and operated transmission repair shop established in Conway, AR, we are here to serve you with excellent transmission repair service for your family car or your work truck big or small. Our highly trained technicians are experts with both foreign and domestic vehicles and are committed to providing high-quality transmission repairs quickly with reasonable prices. We do our best to provide the best service at the most affordable rates in the Conway area which is why we are the most trusted transmission repair shop around.

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What to do if your Transmission Fails – 8 Options to Consider

Oh, no! It’s never convenient when the transmission on your vehicle fails. It’s also not a common occurrence; so you may not know what to do. After receiving confirmation that your transmission has failed, your next question is if your faulty transmission should be repaired, rebuilt, or replaced? Do you need to replace your vehicle? Hopefully, your vehicle is not so new when the tranny goes out; but if it is, or if the mileage is low, first check to see if your transmission is still covered by a powertrain warranty before calling a mechanic. Powertrain warranties will typically cover a transmission for up to 5 years or 50K miles – whichever comes first, but yours could be shorter or longer. If your transmission is not covered, here are 8 important options for you to consider when your transmission dies.

1. Get Your Transmission Rebuilt by a Local Transmission Shop
Transmissions are not cheap for sure so your pocketbook is going to take a hard hit when having to replace a faulty transmission.  You could be thinking about salvaging a used transmission from a junkyard to save money. Maybe that could work for you, but it’s not likely and we’ll talk about that later. Even if you could find the right transmission in a salvage yard, it may not be the best solution. One of the best ways to solve your transmission woes is to get your transmission rebuilt by a local transmission repair shop.

A local transmission shop will offer a strong warranty with their transmission rebuilds. Although some parts of a used transmission can come with a warranty, it will not cover everything. A local transmission shop will strive to gain your trust with an excellent rebuild complete with a comprehensive warranty that covers everything from parts, programming, fluid and labor.

A rebuild from a local transmission shop can actually save you money. A used transmission will cost less, until you factor in the labor costs for installation. When everything is said and done, that used transmission could actually be more expensive.

2. Check for Used Transmissions from a Nearby Junkyard or Online
How about looking for a used transmission from a nearby junkyard or online? Sure, they will be less expensive initially. You will then have to pay for shipping to a local transmission repair shop and after that, you will shell out some more in labor costs. Still you could be saving a little more, but your savings will be risky. Transmission shops will not guarantee the products not supplied by them; and some will not even touch them. As important as your daily vehicle is, you certainly do not need another transmission replacement issue all over again. A far more sensible solution is to work with a local transmission repair shop that will stand behind their work.

If your goal is to drop in a used transmission from a junkyard as a temporary fix until you sell the car, you could be out again. That transmission from the junkyard will have the tell-tale signs of where it came from and most used car buyers will recognize it. It’s a clear sign that you have taken shortcuts in maintaining and fixing your car. If you do sell it, you may not get the price you want from it.

3. See if a Local Transmission Shop Can Find a Used Transmission for You
Another low-cost, hands-off option for replacing a transmission is to see if your local transmission shop could locate one for you. When the transmission you need is found, the transmission repair shop will add the scouting fees, shipping fees, and installation fees.

An even more disadvantage of purchasing a used transmission is that it will already have some mileage on it. It’s hard to tell how many miles it has left. You also don’t know how well a used transmission was maintained. It’s always possible an incorrect part will not be a perfect fit for your car. When you buy a used transmission, you are stuck with what you get and may have to spend more time and money to make repairs or adjustments.

How much time can you afford to have your car out of commission? Your transmission shop may have to order parts for your transmission rebuild, but usually those parts will arrive in a day or two. Used transmissions are sourced from all over the country. It could take a while to find one that fits your cars your particular make and model. After a used transmission is located, it will have to be shipped .The turn-a-round time for a local transmission shop to rebuild your transmission is much faster- especially when the technicians know and care about how much you need transportation.

4. Purchase a Remanufactured Transmission from A Local Transmission Shop
A remanufactured transmission will cost less than a new transmission, and all things considered, they are a reasonable solution for replacing your faulty transmission. You can get a lot of miles out of a remanufactured transmission making the cost per mile a good value.

Purchasing a remanufactured transmission from a transmission shop is one of three ways to get your hands on one. A transmission repair shop will take care of everything including locating, purchasing, shipping, and installing, but of course you will have to pay for their time and efforts.

5. Purchase a Remanufactured Transmission from a Local Dealership
Another way to purchase a remanufactured transmission is to get one directly from the local dealership. A transmission straight from the dealership will cost you between $1,800 and $2,800 for the transmission alone. You should expect to pay $100 to $150 per hour to have a transmission from a dealership installed. Clearly, this is not the most cost effective option.

6. Buy a Remanufactured Transmission Direct From the Factory
The third way you can buy a remanufactured transmission is to buy factory direct and have it shipped to your local transmission repair shop. Instead of paying a local shop to secure a transmission, you can do it yourself. You could save hundreds of dollars buying directly from the factory but it will take time and effort. You will have to locate a shop willing to accept the transmission they did not secure themselves.

7. Trade in Your Car or Sell it Online – What’s Best?
If fixing the transmission is not an option due to the expense or maybe its just time for a new vehicle, you have some options available. One of the first questions to be answered is if you should trade in your car, now that it needs to be replaced, or do you sell it online? Trading in your car is by far the easiest way to go-but you will get less money for it. A car dealer will give you a small sum (usually between $500 and $1500) for a car with a failing transmission based on the year/make/model, mileage, and book value. Using the trade-in amount as a down payment for your next car will be convenient. Most states impose sales tax only on the difference between the trade-in value and the purchase price of your next car, so that is a benefit you may not have thought of. 

Selling your car online is a great idea if you are willing to put in the extra effort to receive more cash for it. Selling your car yourself means you have to deal with contacting strangers and allowing them to test drive your car.  The rub comes when you do not sell your old car before getting the new one. You could end up having to make two car payments until the old one is sold. Fortunately we can now sell cars more quickly online by reaching a larger audience.

8. Take Your Car to the Junkyard
Generally, it’s time to replace your car when the cost for repairs exceeds more than half of the market value to replace it. When a car is over 20 years old and has over 272k miles on it, the cost to repair or replace the transmission will likely exceed the worth of the vehicle. Unless your car has sentimental value, your car should be replaced and now you have to decide what to do with it. One option is to take it to the junkyard to get it off your property. Some junkyards will even offer to come and pick it up, saving you time and inconvenience.

Affordable Transmission Repair Services in Conway, AR
Delta Transmission in is an affordable transmission repair shop dedicated to serving the local Conway, AR community and surrounding areas with excellent transmission replacement services. Your transportation needs are important to us. Delta Transmission will work out an affordable solution for your transmissions needs and get you safely rolling again. Call (501) 327-1363 today! 
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6 Things to Know About Car Transmission Repair

Your transmission plays a critical role in making sure your vehicle operates properly. The transmission carries power from the engine to the drive axle through various gears, allowing your engine to run at different speeds. Without a transmission, your car or truck engine might run, but it won’t go anywhere!

Transmission problems can range from simple and inexpensive to in-depth transmission repair or replacement. Fortunately, your transmission will usually give you some warning signs that it’s having problems. To avoid more expensive auto transmission repairs, it’s important to know what to watch for, and promptly take care of any needed transmission repairs or service.

How Often Do You Need to Have the Transmission Fluid Changed?
Regular maintenance is the best way to keep your vehicle shifting smoothly and avoid transmission problems. Just like your engine uses oil, your transmission uses fluid to keep it properly lubricated. Fluid changes are usually due every two years or 30,000 miles but check your car’s owner’s manual for the specific manufacturer’s recommendation. To keep your vehicle running smoothly and help prevent automatic transmission repairs, make sure your transmission fluid is checked and changed on schedule.

Low Transmission Fluid is a Guaranteed
Way to Damage Your Transmission
When your transmission fluid is checked, the technician isn’t just looking to see if it needs to be changed, they’re also making sure it has enough fluid. When your transmission fluid is low, the gears in your transmission will not be lubricated, causing them to grind together, overheat, and eventually fail. The solution to this is simple—regular automatic transmission service. Keeping up on your regular maintenance appointments is the best way to avoid a low transmission fluid level.

Using the Wrong Transmission Fluid
Not all transmission fluids are created equally. Just like manufacturers specify the type of oil required for your vehicle, they also tell you the right transmission fluid. Using the wrong transmission fluid can cause major problems because it can contain incompatible additives. To run correctly and for as long as possible, your transmission needs the correct fluid specified by your vehicle’s manufacturer. Your transmission auto shop will be able to tell you the proper fluid to work with your car or truck.

Not Servicing Your Transmission
Your transmission works hard, so it’s important to take care of it! Automatic transmission service is a factory recommended maintenance item, just like rotating your tires or changing your oil. Regular transmission service will help you avoid expensive car transmission repairs down the road. A good rule of thumb is to service your transmission every 30,000 miles or 2 years, unless the manufacturer recommends differently. Note: Anyone who drives in extreme conditions might need to have their transmission serviced more often.

Ignoring Transmission Problems
Ignoring transmission problems is never a good idea. If you’re noticing any transmission warning signs, it’s critical that you don’t ignore these signs. In many cases, catching the problems early enough can help you avoid costly auto transmission repairs, saving you big money and hassles. Transmission problems won’t just go away on their own, and if you ignore them for too long, your car may require a total transmission replacement, which is much more expensive than normal transmission repairs or maintenance.

Transmission Symptoms Signaling Repair is Needed
There are several warning signs that that it’s time for transmission repair service. If you notice any of these signs, please contact a transmission auto shop as soon as possible.

Weird Smell
If you notice a burning smell coming from under the hood, it's a sure sign something's not working right, and it could be time for transmission repair service. As transmission fluid runs low or degrades, it begins to overheat and burn, contributing to early wear, excess debris, and corrosion.

Strange Noises
Are you noticing strange noises coming from your vehicle? Clunking, humming or whining sounds can often be signs of a transmission problem, especially if you’re hearing a clunking noise when you shift gears. Unusual noises are another sign that it’s time for a visit to the transmission auto shop.

Leaking Transmission Fluid 
If your vehicle’s fluids leak or break down, your engine can't work properly. Leaking transmission fluid is easy to spot by its red color and sweet smell. If you notice a dark spot on the ground where you usually park, this is a signal that your vehicle may need transmission repairs.

Gears Not Engaging
When your transmission is working correctly, it will slide right into the proper gear. If your car seems to be hesitating or giving you no response when you shift, something is wrong, and it's often the transmission. Take your vehicle in for auto transmission repair as soon as possible, or you may be left with a car that won’t shift or move at all.

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