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Transfer Case Repair and Maintenance

Transfer cases play a critical role in 4-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive cars and trucks, and other multiple-powered axle vehicles. If your transfer case is not working properly, you’re stuck – and literally, in the mud, the rocks, or anywhere off-road – and left with 2-wheel drive.

When you switch into 4WD, the transfer case is responsible for dividing your engine’s power and sending power to both the front and rear axles. This is why you need to make sure it stays in top condition. Regular transfer case fluid changes, maintenance, and quickly attending to repairs will help ensure your vehicle is always ready to shift power when you need it most.

From a transfer case fluid change or transfer case repair to a rebuild or replacement, there is a lot that goes into making sure your off-road vehicle maintains superior performance.

At Delta Transmission, we take of all your transfer case needs from A to Z:
  • Transfer Case Repair Service
  • Transfer Case Rebuilds
  • Transfer Case Replacement
  • Transfer Case Fluid Change
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Signs of Transfer Case Problems

The last thing you really want to have to deal with is a transfer case rebuild, or worse, a complete transfer case replacement on your favorite off-road vehicle or daily driver. There are several signs you can watch for to help avoid having to deal with a major transfer case repair.

Pay attention if these issues come about and contact your local mechanic immediately:
  • It becomes difficult to shift gears. 
  • You notice fluid on the ground and under the transfer case. 
  • You notice a burning smell.
  • The “Service 4WD” or “Check Engine” light comes on.
  • You notice your vehicle is randomly engaging into or disengaging from 4WD.
  • You hear strange noises coming from the transfer case.

Transfer Case Maintenance Tips

Transfer case repair costs can vary greatly depending on how well it’s maintained. And if you consider how much more costly it is to replace a transfer case or for a complete transfer case rebuild, then a transfer case fluid change cost is mere pennies out of your pocket.

Be sure to replace transfer case fluid regularly. It’s recommended to have your transfer case fluid changed consistently, generally every 30,000 miles, especially if you are towing or using the 4WD more often than normal. Your transfer case needs to be regularly maintained by replacing the old fluid with fresh fluid. Over time, build up occurs from metal and clutch material that contaminates the fluid. Fresh transfer case fluid protects gears, chains, bearings, shafts, and other transfer case parts by keeping them cool and keeping your engine’s parts operating smoothly. Not only will Delta Transmission make sure your transfer case parts are well lubricated, but we will also check for leaks and damage.

When Should You Seek Professional Transfer Case Maintenance and Repair Services?
Unless you have experience in dealing with complex, heavy automotive drive components like a transfer case, you are far better off leaving this work – maintenance, transfer case repair or a transfer case rebuild – to a professional mechanic. Not only could DIY work end up causing more complications, but it could also end up costing far more than taking your vehicle to a professional transfer case expert to begin with. 

Call Delta Transmission for All Your Transfer Case Service Needs

Transfer cases will wear out over time, especially when you take your 4WD on many adventures. When you bring your 4WD vehicle to Delta Transmission for service, you can rest assured that it will always perform at its highest level.

We offer complete transfer case services, including:
  • Transfer Case Fluid Change
  • All Transfer Case Repairs
  • Transfer Case Rebuild
  • And If Needed, Transfer Case Replacement

Call today to schedule service, so when towing, off-roading, or good times call, your transfer case can easily answer the call. Get the most out of your vehicle by calling Delta Transmission for transfer case repair and maintenance today.
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