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Professional Front Differential & Rear Differential Services

Differentials are one of the most important components to your vehicle’s powertrain. If your vehicle is an all-wheel or 4WD, you’ll have both a front differential and a rear differential. What they do is allow the left and right wheels to turn at different speeds when you’re making turns. The differential is located between two wheels and is attached to each wheel with an axle shaft and works in conjunction with the transmission.

Differential fluid plays a critical role in the overall performance and life of your car or truck. When fluids run low or are old, it can lead to other components being seriously damaged. To avoid a major differential repair, it’s important to bring your vehicle in regularly for differential service.

Our Delta Transmission mechanics are experts at providing superior differential services from repair and replacement  and fluid changes.

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Differential Service: Too Often Neglected by Drivers

All vehicles have a maintenance schedule assigned to them based on mileage to ensure fluids and filters are checked consistently. Far too often, these checkpoints are ignored when it comes to front and rear differential service. If your vehicle has exceeded the recommended mileage for differential service and having the differential fluid changed, it’s highly recommended to schedule service as soon as possible at a trusted differential repair shop.
Old oil will not offer your vehicle the level of protection it needs as fresh, clean oil does. Vehicle components running on dirty or old oil are susceptible to serious damage or accelerated wear. Consistent differential maintenance will ensure that your vehicle’s performance is running at the most optimal levels like it should; thereby extending the life of your car or truck. Don’t let this slide by! Call Delta Transmission to schedule your front and rear differential service today.

Signs of Differential Wear
There are a number of symptoms that can alert you to a potential differential repair or maintenance needed.  Here are a few that you can recognize easily:

Your Transmission or Gearbox Jerks or Slips

Although a jerking transmission can be a sign for any number of other issues, it also can be a sign that gear oils are too low. If this is the case, your transmission will not be able to properly and smoothly operate.

You Notice a Burning Smell from the Differential or Gearbox

This smell could be a result of oil leaking out of an old seal, possibly as a result from an overheating gearbox. The overheating is generally due to poor lubrication. When oil is too old, it cannot adequately lubricate the moving parts. This leads to metal components heating up then burning the oil.

Reddish Stain Underneath Your Vehicle

For the same reason as the smell, oil leaking due to an old seal, the dripping fluid can leave a reddish stain underneath wherever your vehicle is parked.

Whining or Noisy Transmission or Differential

A common symptom connected to low or bad differential fluid is a noisy differential or transmission. If the oil is dirty or runs too low, it can cause gears to “whine” as they turn. As your vehicle increases in speed, the sound can also increase in volume.
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Why You Should Turn to a Professional for Differential Maintenance and Repair

It is essential to lubricate your front and rear differential gears with fluid to keep them cool. Our service will keep your differential gears from grinding together and causing extensive damage.

Delta Transmission will protect your differential and all of the involved components by:
  • Reducing costly repairs with lubrication and preventing wear and tear
  • Prevent overheating
  • Safeguarding proper turning and traction to ensure a smooth ride 


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